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HEWI receives seal of approval from the trade association

On 21. On October 2019, HEWI was awarded the "Sicher mit System" ("Systematic Safety") seal of approval by the RCI trade association.

The BG RCI pursues the goal of actively supporting its member companies in the area of occupational health and safety. In this way, the number of accidents and work-related illnesses of the insured can be reduced in the long term. HEWI uses the certification process to maintain the entire occupational safety organization at the highest level. Through the certification process, weak points are identified and eliminated, thus minimizing the risk of accidents and operational disruptions. HEWI Managing Director Thorsten Stute accepted the certificate in a formal ceremony.

"Certification with the "Sicher mit System" seal of approval shows that HEWI is very far ahead in terms of occupational health and safety. In addition to certifications for quality, environmental and energy management, we have established an integrated management system with the RCI seal of approval from the employers' liability insurance association, of which we are very proud," says Liane Salewski, Head of Integrated Management System at HEWI.

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