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Safety and support

Hinged Support Rails

Hinged support rails

Functional design

A hinged support rails offers support for limited strength and mobility. They increase safety in all areas of the barrier-free bathroom - whether at the washstand, WC or shower. An ergonomically designed, two-dimensional grip level enables a secure hold. Due to their dimensions, HEWI hinged support rails can be gripped optimally so that you can easily support yourself on them or pull yourself up. They can be supplemented by comfort elements, such as an upgrade kit for a toilet roll holder or an arm pad for a particularly comfortable support. Hinged support rails  can be folded up to the wall to save space. Fixed support rails are also available. The Duo folding support handle also has a round lower rail and thus provides optimum support when turning it sideways into the WC.

A wide range of materials (polyamide, stainless steel, chrome and WARM TOUCH) and designs offers design options, so that the support folding handle can be selected to match the sanitary accessories. The hinged support rails  are available as a mono version with one handle level or as a duo version with a second handlebar, which facilitates the transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet. The Duo hinged support rails can also be supplemented with a floor support. They are available in various lengths to meet country-specific requirements for barrier-free construction.

Hinged support rail


High-quality materials create a homely atmosphere that invites you to feel good. WARM TOUCH hinged support rails are particularly suitable for this purpose. WARM TOUCH is an innovative material that has a high-gloss surface like chrome and corresponds to the haptic properties of polyamide.

Hinged support rail

System 800 K | polyamide

The folding support handle made of high-quality polyamide is available in various designs to meet the individual requirements of each user. It is available, for example, as a rigid or folding version. It can be supplemented with a toilet roll holder and flush release.

Hinged support rail

System 800 K | Kontrast

Targeted use of colour contrasts makes orientation easier and allows intuitive use. As only the functional elements of System 800 K are coloured, these are highlighted and the function is illustrated.

Folding support handle in chrome

System 100 | Chrome

The support folding handle has a high-gloss chrome surface. A steel core provides stability to the folding support handle. The flat design forms a pleasant support and can be made even more comfortable with an arm pad. The front rounding provides the hand with optimum grip for supporting and lifting.

Folding support handle in chrome

System 800 | Chrome

The chrome-plated folding support handle is particularly easy to grip thanks to its dimensions and generous radii that are designed to fit the hand. If it is not needed, it can be folded onto the wall to save space. A steel core on the inside and the concealed three-point attachment provide the necessary stability and thus safe use.

Folding support handle in stainless steel

Range 805 | stainless steel

A folding support handle makes it easier to sit down and stand up and minimises the amount of force required to do so. It thus offers a high degree of security. Upgrade kits such as arm pad or toilet roll holder and flush release via radio increase the comfort. The folding support handle is made of high-quality, satin-finished stainless steel.

Folding support handle in the colour white


The folding support handle offers safe and comfortable use. The grip pad offers optimum hold and makes it easier to turn it in when transferring from the wheelchair to the toilet. It has a non-slip, pleasantly warm plastic surface. Installation is particularly easy thanks to a separate wall plate.

Hinged support rail

Range 477/801 | Polyamide

The ergonomic design supports movement sequences and provides a secure hold. The folding support handle made of high-quality polyamide has a pleasant feel and is easy to grip. In addition to high-folding versions, a folding and rotating version is also available. The support rails are also available with antimicrobial treatment.

Hinged support rail

Range 805 Classic | stainless steel

The folding stainless steel support handle provides reliable support at the washstand, WC or in the shower. The round tube design allows secure gripping. Range 805 is particularly suitable for heavily frequented public sanitary rooms, as stainless steel is extremely resistant and also offers a hygienic surface.

System 900

Sophisticated functions

The System 900 folding support rail is available in various configurations - from the minimalist mono folding support rail to the fully equipped duo folding support rail with toilet roll holder and radio-controlled WC flush release. The System 900 hinged support rails have a maintenance-free brake. This dampens the lowering of the folding support handle. The spar can be moved up and down with little effort. If the angle is greater than 45°, the support folding handle remains in any position and can be lowered or folded towards the wall with little force. From an angle of 45°, the tie bar automatically lowers gently. The bearing of the joint is wear-free, maintenance-free and free of play and guarantees smooth running of the support folding handle. A defined stop prevents the support folding handle from hitting the wall. The hinged support rails are designed to provide extreme stability. An additional stiffener increases safety and provides reliable support.

Hinged support rail
Sophisticated functions

Extreme stability through additional stiffening increases safety.

Sophisticated functions

A small number of components facilitates cleaning and increases hygiene. Ausschließlich hochwertige Materialien werden verwendet.

Sophisticated functions

Integrated functions such as radio flush release are available

Sophisticated functions

Optional sealing tape and concealed fixing.

Sophisticated functions

Secure stop protects the wall. Two design variants are available for this purpose.

Sophisticated functions

Maintenance-free brake dampens the lowering of the folding support handle and minimises the risk of injury.


Flexible solution

Mobile hinged support rails offer reliable support and can be used flexibly. If required, the portable support folding handle is simply snapped into the permanently installed mounting plate. If the hinged support handle is not required, it can be removed just as easily and the mounting plate covered by a cover cap.

Mounting film
mobile hinged support rails 
product details

Hinged support rails 

HEWI hinged support rails are available in high-quality polyamide, as WARM TOUCH version, high-gloss chrome-plated, in easy-care stainless steel or with powder coating.

Folding support handle with sink release in matt dark grey stainless steel

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